Shali Tibba Peak - (Around Shimla Hike)


Shali Peak (Left) as seen from Cedar Hill Lodge

The Shali Tibba Hike
The Shali Tibba (2867m) is the highest peak in the outskirts of Shimla. It is a magnificent isolated pinnacle with a Kali temple on the top. As most Indian tourists only go till the place where the roads go this is one activity which ensures you are away from the highway and the urban jungle. It is simply a short and sweet version of connecting with the Himalayan Ranges for those who are looking for a short hike and do not have time for longer treks. It is also the most photogenic hiking route you can come around Shimla without travelling into the hihgher mountains far into the state. The ascent up to Shali is an ancient trail through dense pine forests and rolling alpine pastures. It is a steep climb to the often mist enveloped peak (mostly). The peak commands an unforgettable view of endless snow covered ranges along with the Sutlej valley and the densely forested hills of Shimla, Fagu and Narkanda. For the avid photographer and nature lover, this one-day trek offers the experience of a lifetime.

Shali Tibba Peak as seen from Cedar Hill

Shimla (2200 mts) [or] Cedar Hill Lodge (2400 mts.) - Mashobra - Khatnol (1850 m). 45 km.

Shali Tibba Peak/Temple offers a 360 degree view of the Himalayan ranges, Shimla. It is a vantage point not to be missed.

Option 1) : Hike from the Cedar Hill Lodge 'or' drive from your Shimla hotel to the base of Shali Peak that is Khatnol village. Depart early morning. Enjoy the hike amongst rocky mountains, pines and confiers to arrive at the peak for gasping views of the north-western himalayan ranges.

Come down back to Khatnol village. Take a late evening drive back to the lodge. Rest and gorge on food.

One has an Option to Stay the night at : Shali Heights a Himalayan home-stay 35 km north of Shimla. The house consists of two well appointed spacious rooms with modernly designed wash rooms, a drawing room offering a stunning view of Shali peak and adjoining hamlets. The owner is an avid trekker/mountan lover with a vast knowledge of the Indian Himalayas.

Khatnol - Shali Tibba (2867m). 5 km.

The landscape changes dramatically as we follow the ancient trail towards the peak. It is a three-hour climb at a leisurely pace with ample time to stand and stare at the surrounding magnificence and the imposing peak looming ahead. The final climb is a tough one and is amply rewarded by the breathtaking view from the top.

Shali Tibba - Khatnol– Shimla
Visit the historic temple and begin the quick descent down to Khatnol reach Shimla by late evening for a well-deserved and satisfying sleep with the memories of climbing the highest peak of the Shimla hills.

Sunset view of Shali Tibba from Cedar Hill

Hiking to Shali Temple - Enroute

Shali Tibba Peak - Temple

Option 2):

Travel in a Jeep/Car/Bus till Khatnol via Baldhea along a fascinating dirt track to Gulshaini, a tiny hamlet (1250 m) situated at the base of the peak. From Gulshaini it is a steady climb along a rough road till Khatnol an isolated village perched amidst rolling fields. Here, start the ascent.

By evening return to your Shimla Hotel or the Cedar Hill Lodge. Time taken is the same. (An hour fifteen minutes at the most).

***The hike is more undertaken by the adventure/hiking enthusiast. An excellent place for photography.

At the Shali Tibba Temple

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